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Curated directory of the best tools and resources thoroughly collected for your day-to-day needs.

Curated Directories

A curated directory of curated directories. The most popular catalogs of valuable tools and resources.

UX Designer Toolkit

UX research, brainstorming, mind maps, prototyping, wireframing, usability testing, analytics and more.

Traveler Toolkit

Cheap flights, flights tracking, hotel booking, rental services and more.

Startup Toolkit

Project management, collaboration, customer management, documentation, websites builders and more.

Marketer Toolkit

User and data analytics, SMM, infographics, content & email marketing and more.

Web Developer Toolkit

Bug trackers, visual feedback, website builders, frameworks, code generators and more.

Freelancer Toolkit

Resume & CV generators, job search, collaboration, job documentation, invoices, project management and more.

Student & Teacher Toolkit

Online courses, learning platforms, guidelines, help resources and references.

Blogger Toolkit

Free stock images, photo sharing, portfolio builders and more.

Photographer Toolkit

Tools, apps and resources for photographers.

Music Fan Toolkit

Music production, DJing, music streaming services, radios and more.

Sport & Health Toolkit

Workout apps, progress tracking tools, food trackers, calorie counters and more.